Fond memories of Fort Dodge

To the editor:

I was born in Fort Dodge and grew up there. I was one of many in the Class of ’65 at Fort Dodge High.

I’ve been sorting and going through pictures. We loved taking pictures on our acreage on the old Badger Blacktop.

It makes me a bit sad that I don’t get back much. My parents – Max and Edna – are not alive now. And a year ago, my brother, Allan, had a heart attack and died.

My grandpa worked for The Messenger. I have his wooden printers tray and The Messenger stamp and his letters that marked his tray.

I tell people I’m an Iowa child, but after 27 years, it’s Fort Dodge that made me who I am.

People loved coming to our acreage for garden vegetables and fruit from our orchard.

I loved being at the sale barn with dad. We raised chickens, cows and sheep.

Images of a community and of a give and take, it all makes me smile. Growing up in the country made me appreciate the land and animals and Mother Nature.

Being a part of church and Scouts and the library and the parks gave me an appreciation of all things that tie us together as one community.

Even though I left Fort Dodge, I believe Fort Dodge never really left me.

Karen Howick Nesvold

Ferndale, Washington


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