Blames government for gas prices

To the editor:

Of all the newspapers printed in Iowa, there never is anything explaining the oil situation and we who have to buy fuel to get to work, we wondered for years why the variations of fuel in one town and the next one 20 miles away is 20 cents cheaper? But near all the stations pay the same at pipelines regardless of the brand.

Now when there are only four stations in Dakota City and Humboldt, they all charge the same. And who controls the price and why crude oil goes up $2.00 a barrel in one day, it is the speculators who you blame. They buy low and then sell high. You can blame our government for that. They don’t want to do anything about it because the oil companies donate more money to our confidential Congress people running for office than any organization.

That’s why we cannot do anything about it. Never in our lifetime. I wrote to four of the big Congress people including (President) Joe Biden two weeks ago to no avail. On my birthday, March 2, I was in my first gas station in 1953. The price was 5 gallons for $1.00 Then on April, 1990, it was 87 cents a gallon. Cigarettes were 45 cents a pack. Be lucky to have money to buy a full tank and be thankful.

Merlin Fort

Dakota City


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