Thanks Eric Pratt for coverage

To the editor:

I really enjoyed Eric Pratt’s March 22 article spotlighting Spencer Lee’s NCAA wrestling title; but I would be remiss if I didn’t recognize his outstanding reporting of area athletics. My own arsenal of athletic knowledge is woefully inadequate, but I appreciate Pratt’s sports coverage because he is a master of profiling his subjects.

As a retired Fort Dodge Senior High teacher and the grandmother of two former Fort Dodge athletes, I know firsthand that there is more to these young competitors than what the fans see in the arenas. Pratt’s perspectives remind us of what is really at the core of all sports programs. Young men and women bring their individuality to their teams, and their coaches and teammates are part of forming attitudes and values that last after the win-loss records are forgotten. Again, thank you Eric Pratt for recognizing athletes in a way that transcends their statistics and personalizes their accomplishments.

Toni Hood



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