Support farmers during National Ag Week

To the editor:

March 22-26 is National Ag Week when we celebrate the wholesome contributions of our nation’s farmers who provide the food, fuel and fiber that helps sustain us.

American agriculture is the foundation of our country. It is the backbone of a healthy and prosperous nation made possible by our natural resources (soils), climate, ingenuity, and technology.

Today’s farmers are more efficient than ever thanks to precision (GPS) agriculture, improved seed genetics and the like. As Americans, we enjoy the safest most affordable food supply in the world, leaving us with more disposable income to spend on household expenses, travel, and non-essential luxury items.

Perhaps forgotten in all this is the economic contribution agriculture provides to our local economy. According to the 2017 Census of Agriculture, in Webster County agriculture and ag related industries provide 5200 jobs or approximately 22% of all employment in the county. In other more non-rural counties, the percentage of employment is much greater.

So, the next time you sit down to enjoy a meal, drive your car, or put on a pair of blue jeans, remember the farmer who made it all possible.

Jeremy Swanson



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