Says Republicans make life harder

To the editor:

Why would anyone want you not to vote?

This is America, land of the free or are we?

I thought we fought a war to be able to vote. I thought we didn’t want to bow down to a king, dictator or cult leader. I thought the people wanted their voice to be heard to make it better for everyone.

Guess I’m thinking too much because Republicans say when they make it harder to vote that more people vote. What reverse psychology. They should build tops with a spin like that. They should have a slogan, “Vote for us, we will make your life harder.”

Maybe people will just get madder. Isn’t that great, when you’re mad all the time.

They really don’t want you to vote as it might disrupt what their major campaign donor wants to do. I’m not against business, I am against irresponsible business. If a business is polluting the water to give you cancer and the air to give you emphysema and asthma and politicians are looking the other way because of donations, than they don’t want to be voted out. Greed always seems to be the motivation.

If you ignore the environment and climate change and burn up the earth, there’s nowhere to go.

Even billions of dollars won’t buy you off the earth. We aren’t that advanced yet. Example, we can’t even keep the electricity on.

If you care about your kids, you better believe climate change.

Have you even heard derecho before or Texans freezing? The oceans are warmest ever, so there’s more hurricanes than ever causing billions in damage.

Ever wonder why your insurance is so high? They say ignorance is bliss. Well when you have a heat stroke or frostbite will you wake up then?

Dave Haynes



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