Says factory farm biogas is false solution

To the editor:

Recently, State Rep. Mike Sexton, R-Rockwell City, introduced a bill in the Iowa House that will encourage the expansion of factory farm biogas infrastructure. The legislation, HF 522, will allow for additional factory farms to use anaerobic digesters to convert manure into biogas which can be used to produce electricity on-site, for heating, or as vehicle fuel.

While the process is touted as a source of clean, renewable energy by the factory farm and natural gas industries, the truth is that it is far from environmentally responsible. Factory farm biogas is composed primarily of methane, a potent greenhouse gas. It moves us further away from a transition to a truly renewable future, and it could also allow for even more explosive growth in the number of factory farms. Iowa already has over 10,000 factory farms polluting our water, contributing to multiple public health concerns and burdening taxpayers with the cost of propping up a destructive system of agriculture.

Factory farm biogas is a false solution; a truly clean and renewable energy future doesn’t come at the risk of our environment, our health, or our communities. Our elected officials should be embracing policies that will benefit the people of Iowa, not the pocketbooks of multi-billion dollar corporations. Contact your state representative and urge them to vote against this negligent legislation.

Emma Schmit

Rockwell City


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