Says Strengthening Familes works

To the editor:

Strengthening Families for parents and youth 10-14 is about to start in Fort Dodge the week of March 7. This PROSPER program will begin its 19th year of programs with fifth and sixth graders and their families. Families that participate in the programs delivered through PROSPER can expect: more time spent together as a family; to feel closer to one another, and to use more effective and consistent discipline.

As one mom shared after the fall session, “I was hesitant to sign up at first due to the time commitment, however, it has been so well worth the time. Even though I feel our family has a healthy relationship, this program has provided a pocket full of tools to help remind me how to handle several types of situations with my daughter and I will highly recommend this program to families in the future.”

The PROSPER approach is for all types of youth and families, not just for those who need help. We think that all families can become a little stronger, all parents and kids can strengthen their communication, and youth can always use more support to help them make healthy choices in a world that is full of negative influences and pressures. The program provides evidence-based solutions to prevent risky behaviors among youth, to support their healthy development and strengthen their families. Strengthening Families 10-14 is about bringing the community together to do something for youth and families, but it’s not just about doing something, it’s about doing something that has been proven to work.

There is still time for families to sign up. https://www.extension.iastate.edu/webster/

Questions, call the Webster County Extension Office at 576-2119.

Are you ready to learn with your family?

Linda Cline

PROSPER Team Co-Leader


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