Wonders how nice Iowa is

To the editor:

People say “Iowa Nice.” They also say Iowa is 10 years behind everyone. The nation voted 51.4% to elect Biden. Iowa voted 53.2% for Trump. Is it nice to lie? Trump lied 22,247 times in 1,316 days. That’s 17 lies a day. But his one-day record is 138 on Nov. 5, 2018, the day before the mid-term election. Trump cheated on his wife with a hooker, no less, and illegally paid her off to keep her quiet before his election.

He is shown on the Access Hollywood tape saying it’s OK to grab a woman by the private parts and implying they won’t care. Apparently my 1997 Webster dictionary is outdated as it says nice is socially acceptable, polite, kind, appropriate, virtuous, respectable and agreeable. Maybe we are agreeable but I’d say gullible if the rest of the country won’t put up with that behavior.

Republicans’ moral compass is spinning and like Trump, are shameless. Trump’s irresponsible inaction to the pandemic sank the economy. If everyone is too sick to work what good is a corporation with a product that no one has money to buy. To claim nice you have to be nice. Look in the mirror? Does it fit?

P.S. We all do better when we all do better.

Dave Haynes



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