Wants temperature checks

To the editor:

Since day one all we read about or saw on TV was wear your face mask and the impossible thing, stay 6 feet from other people no matter where you’re at. The spreading of the virus will not change until they start taking temperatures upon any entry of any buildings. Of all places, grocery stores should be number one.

The way it is now, almost all customers put a mask on. Wearing a mask doesn’t mean you don’t have the virus. Even all the help don’t have their temperature taken before work. The cashiers are trying to dodge the virus-proof 18-inch square glass. So far, half of Humboldt workers, no matter where they work are having their temperature checked before they go to work each morning. Just like all the meat packing plants in Iowa, all the medical people in Iowa and the hundreds of workers in Fort Dodge hospitals.

There’s where the reason why the increase is getting worse. The cost is so cheap compared to being in a hospital. A thermometer for the whole family over a year. And our governor will buy them with her surplus of money for everyone. What a nice Christmas present. Too late now but not too late to do it. One second per reading.

So wake up, do what I suggest or the next day you may not wake up. Last week, over 1,200 workers in a big grocery chain of stores got the virus working there. Doesn’t that tell you how important it is for grocery stores? If this letter saves even one life, it was worth it. Wake up Iowa. What was your temperature today?

Merlin Fort

Dakota City


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