Says Trump delivered on promises

To the editor:

I just wish to express a couple of thoughts. I want to say that I agree 100% with what Chuck Peterson wrote on his letter of Dec. 9. We have much to thank Donald Trump for as Mr. Peterson pointed out. President Trump promised us a lot of things and he delivered on just about everything he promised and as a parting shot he gave us the vaccine with no support from the Congressional Democrats or the media.

In fact, House Democrats turned down an offer of $1.8 trillion for COVID relief and now we are getting $900 billion, a giant loss for all those needing it to survive. Remember in the first stimulus bill Pelosi had to have $25 million for the Kennedy Center. That money could have helped a lot of people. So sad that the House leadership felt it more important to show their hatred for Donald Trump than to help the American people.

Gregg Kreamer

Fort Dodge


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