Says he’s not on the ‘Biden bandwagon’

To the editor:

Thank you Webster County and the State of Iowa. You were part of almost 74 million that voted to re-elect President Trump.

Unfortunately, a few million more did not appreciate that in Trump’s first term we had (among other notable accomplishments) the lowest unemployment ever for Blacks and Hispanics, the lowest unemployment for women in over 50 years, a strong economy as a result of tax cuts for individuals and businesses and the reversing of Obama-Biden business-stifling regulations, a more secure southern border, judges appointed to federal courts and justices to the Supreme Court that will interpret, not rewrite the law, opposition to abortion (particularly late-term abortion), Operation Warp Speed to develop a COVID-19 vaccine in record time, and promotion of “America first”. Joe Biden is likely to undo many of the above, some affecting me, some affecting you, in part to satisfy the Bernie Bros that supported him.

I suspect millions voted for Biden, not because they liked Biden, but because they hated President Trump. Why? Was it because of his tweets, his being rough around the edges, his telling it like it is, his hair? Well sure, those by all means are high on a list of reasons to vote out a president with a proven record in four years and vote in a guy that did what in 47 years? What was it? Oh yes, we got Obamacare, Biden’s claim to fame. By the way, what have all of you done with the $2,500 you were supposed to save each year for the last 10 years under Obamacare? We get a bumbling, bewildered, often confused Biden, a memorable gaffe machine, who sometimes when campaigning did not know what state he was in, sometimes introduced himself as running for the Senate, didn’t remember where he went to college, he couldn’t remember Mitt Romney’s name, once said he would raise the minimum wage to 15 million (yes, million) per hour, corrected himself to say 15 thousand, and then got it right at 15 dollars, and once said 200 million (yes, million) people had died in the U.S. from the virus. Apparently, he couldn’t read the teleprompter.

Trump was elected president partly because he promised to work at draining the Washington swamp. His efforts must have been somewhat threatening, given the number of RINOs and Never-Trumpers that came out of the woodwork to oppose him and the immediate, and continuing, efforts by liberal left-wing Democrats, the mainstream media, many in academia, the entertainment industry, and professional sports to label Trump for four years as an illegitimate President. Democrats in Congress tried unsuccessfully to delegitimize the Trump presidency and overturn the 2016 election by supporting a failed two-year investigation of Russian collusion and a failed attempt to convict Trump by impeachment. Biden is a career politician, was and is a member of the swamp, a member of the Washington establishment, just what Trump was not. The swamp is being refilled.

For four years Trump supporters were insulted and called about every derogatory name you can think of. Biden talked unity then added names of his own, calling Trump supporters “chumps” and “ugly folks”.

Excuse me if I don’t jump on the Biden bandwagon.

Chuck Peterson

Fort Dodge


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