Concerned about COVID-19

To the editor:

With the COVID-19 on such a rapid rise and it will only get worse no matter where you live or what you do. So they open up a few more clinics including Fort Dodge and Humboldt hospitals, is it free to everyone? A recent article in The Messenger reads that our lawmakers in Washington want to pass a law to make it free for everyone. So far the cost is $350 on up. So does that mean today those people who don’t have insurance and cannot afford it, won’t be tested? What about all the people on Medicaid and in nursing homes? That would be several thousands of people that spread the virus that much more. And if we don’t change things like home testing every day for only $10 for a whole year for the whole family. The testings at the 15 sites for the whole state of 3 million people is ridiculous. In our state if our governor don’t do her share in passing laws for testing at the casinos, nursing homes, number one grocery stores, etc. we may pass the number of the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918-1919 that killed worldwide. In three months it killed more than 6,000 Iowans. That maybe alone is why people should get the flu shot. If all hospitals take your temperature as soon as you enter, that’s your first clue it must be important to know one way or another.

Merlin L. Fort

Dakota City


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