The choice has never been more clear

To the editor:

In a time when medical knowledge is so very important, whether mental health issues, the pandemic or health care in general, we are so very fortunate to have a great leader with 30-plus years experience in health care representing us in Rep. Ann Meyer.

Meyer has also made education a top priority. In her first term in the Legislature, Iowa added $180 million new dollars to education funding, making it the highest it has been in the history of education funding in the state of Iowa. The last time education saw a cut to funding was in 2010 under Democratic Gov. Chet Culver, when it was cut by 10%. Meyer understands the issues and will continue to put Webster County first. I hope you will join me in voting for Fort Dodge and Webster County and vote Ann Meyer for state House in this election.

Matt Oberhelman

Fort Dodge


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