Supports Trump’s policies

To the editor:

I’m a “policy” voter. … And every policy, act and executive order that President Trump has signed I support 100%. That’s never happened with any other president in my lifetime.

“VA Missions Act,” improving health care and treatment options for our veterans.

Rebuilt our military and largest military pay raises in a decade.

Space Force, ensuring our ability to protect our power grid, likely the next world battleground.

Combatted the opioid crisis, legislation to stop human trafficking and supporting the victims.

“2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act,” creating Opportunity Zones, stimulating economic development and job creation in low-income neighborhoods, over 9,000 zones established in 50 states.

Future Act, permanently funding historically black colleges with $250 million yearly, along with funding for dozens of other institutions that serve largely minority students.

50 year record low unemployment, especially for minorities, pre-pandemic.

Criminal justice reform, Second Chance Act, reducing prison sentences for people with unfair prison sentences, (90% of affected inmates were black) while advancing job opportunities for these people, helping them transition back into society.

Policies to bring manufacturing and supply chains back to US from other countries, even though President Obama said, “Those manufacturing jobs are never coming back.”

Reopened iron ore mines in Minnesota, fishing off coast of Maine, brought steel industry back to US.

Cut regulations, helping American businesses and infrastructure improvements, ended the over regulation of “Waters of the US,” benefiting farmers and ranchers.

Historic tax cuts, benefiting especially middle and lower income brackets. Historic economic growth and stock market highs, resulting in amazing growth of 401Ks.

“Right To Try,” giving critically ill patients access to life-saving cures, still in trial stages.

Signed “Most Favored Nation” executive order, starting January 2021, US citizens will pay lowest drug prices worldwide, instead of the highest. Executive order protecting pre-existing conditions be covered under all health insurances. Ended the Obama era individual mandate penalty.

Defunded Planned Parenthood, those who believe that abortion is morally wrong should not be forced to pay for it.

Negotiated better trade deals with China as well as the USMCA, getting rid of the NAFTA disaster.

Moved US Embassy to Jerusalem. Negotiated historical peace agreement between Israel, the UAE, Bahrain and Sudan, as well as between Serbia and Kosovo. Because of this, has been nominated three times, so far, for Nobel Peace Prize.

Great American Outdoors Act, funding American National Parks and Monuments. (Aug 4, 2020): $9.5 billion first five years and $900 million yearly thereafter.

Executive orders advancing religious freedom and empowering freedom of speech for people of all faiths.

Banned all travel from China and Europe, before the US had any COVID cases or deaths. Implemented “Operation Warp Speed” to fast track vaccine and therapeutics developments. Utilized private manufacturers to produce emergency masks, ventilators, testing, etc.

I could go on with more … and his plans for the future are equally awesome.

Patty Tussing



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