Sheriff Stubbs endorses Walter

To the editor:

Dear citizens of Webster County,

First and foremost thank you for the humbling opportunity to serve as your sheriff for the past years and as a Webster County reserve, deputy sheriff and sheriff for the last 35 years. I have witnessed our fellow Webster County citizens in very trying situations and also in some very exciting times. Over my career, I have worked with many county, state and federal agencies. I am proud of my years of service and the decision to retire was not easy.

Knowing there is a candidate and leader that shares my commitment, and one who has taken his time to sit down and talk to me about my initiatives like my project to install school emergency alert radio systems, all which have been purchased and the majority from your donations. A candidate and leader who has discussed with me the mental health issues of jail prisoners and those that are picked up on commital papers as to how we can help them have a better quality of life and to avoid ending up in jail. Such programs include our jail diversion that helps those that have reoccurring problems, but do not need to be in jail, along with other programs just starting in Webster County. A candidate and leader who has taken an active role in working to update the Sheriff’s Office policies to serve all citizens with guidelines that we must follow. A candidate and leader who has discussed and asked of the Sheriff’s Office budget of $3,587,389.17 and who now has a good understanding of the extensive, detailed budget.

I could go on but suffice to say Sergeant Tony Walter is well versed in all areas of the Sheriff’s Office and is not afraid to seek out answers when needed. Sergeant Walter is smart, takes his responsibilities seriously and knows that being sheriff comes with many important facets.

I know Sergeant Walter is seeking the sheriff’s position for the right reasons, not for the title or a pay raise, but to serve the residents of Webster County. Sergeant Walter has new and exciting ideas moving forward for the betterment of Webster County citizens in many aspects.

Again, thank you for the opportunity you have given me the past 33 years, and I strongly encourage you to support and vote for Sergeant Tony Walter to lead the Webster County Sheriff’s Office into the future as your next sheriff.

James V Stubbs



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