Says Prestage plant has improved Eagle Grove

To the editor:

The two-year-old Prestage Foods of Iowa processing plant stimulates Eagle Grove’s local economy. On a positive note, congratulations are in order for Wright County Economic Development, Bryce Davis (Eagle Grove city manager) in particular, Wright County Board of Supervisors, state and local officials and interested bystanders. Being a resident of Eagle Grove, a former local businessman (retired), and a property owner, I would like to make a few comments on recent events (last five years) that have ultimately affected our lives in a positive manner. I have in the past witnessed several swings in our local economy, either good or bad, but I will focus on the positives.

What I have noticed is that attitudes are changing. Going from the negative to the positive side. I can feel the change in the air. New people, new businesses (many), expanded businesses and new growth because Prestage Foods of Iowa, its corporate officers COO Jere Null and employees have adopted our lifestyle and embraced upon it.

More hustle, more construction, including a new hotel, more improvements, more of everything. Prestage Foods of Iowa has supported us wholeheartedly; the community, the people, local businesses, infrastructure, fundraisers — both financially and personally. I can observe the current changes now, but I would like to envision the future, like schools, housing developments, new businesses, local police department, fire department, EMS, etc. We are all in this together, so let’s pull in the same direction.

P.S. I trust that our local government officials will favorably review a pending new business opportunity in town, by giving its approval to utilize a former empty local business building with a new purpose. Another reason to attract new people and make Eagle Grove your hometown. Speaking as a concerned citizen, I am.

Clarence Wilde

Eagle Grove


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