Says Meyer works for Iowans

To the editor:

As election day fast approaches, it is imperative that we take the time to educate ourselves on the candidates and cast our votes. We would like to pledge our support for Representative Ann Meyer, Iowa House District 9. As we have gotten to know Ann over the last seven years it is obvious, she truly cares for everyone she represents. Regardless of your sex, race, creed, or political affiliation, she has gone to work every day over the last three years with a goal of bettering Iowa for each and every one of us.

In just one term, Rep. Meyer sat on many committees and sub committees while working on and sponsoring legislation focusing on health care, mental health, education and investing in Iowa’s workforce. We have both had the privilege of knowing Rep. Meyer personally and working with her professionally. She has always been accessible, willing to listen and prompt with response. It should be very apparent that, whether you are a “red” or “blue” voter, Rep. Ann Meyer is the right choice for not only House District 9, but Iowa as a whole.

Jake and Jen Crimmins

Fort Dodge


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