Says Meyer works for both sides

To the editor:

I am writing this letter in support of State Rep. Ann Meyer. Anyone that knows me knows I am very passionate about our community. I’m also quite passionate about politics. I have supported both Democrats and Republicans through the years. I supported Ann two years ago because of the work her and her husband Jim have done for our community and of course because I am a Republican.

However, this year I am supporting her because of the great work she has done for all Iowans throughout her first term. I cannot remember an elected official that has demonstrated a desire to work for all Iowans regardless of party like Ann has. The fact that we don’t agree with everything is exactly why I am supporting her even more this election. I don’t want my representative to only work for what I want. I want someone that will work with both sides of the aisle. Ann has proven she not only will, but wants to do that. She has worked with Democrats to bring legislation that improves all of our lives. I urge you to join me in voting for Ann Meyer to continue to bring prosperity and continued stability to our great state.

Kevin Crimmins

Fort Dodge


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