Says Meyer represents all of us

To the editor:

Ann Meyer represents all of us in District 9 in the Iowa House. Her steadfast devotion to learning the issues, doing her homework and seeking advice from those affected by proposed legislation is testimony to her capabilities. To evoke the adage, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. While her opponent is well intentioned and truly an asset to our community, Meyer has already learned the lay of the legislative land in Des Moines and will continue to advocate for all of her constituents. Changing out our representative at this juncture would ill suit the needs of all of us in District 9. I encourage you to vote for Ann Meyer, House District 9.

With Meyer’s assistance our state finished Fiscal Year 2020 with a budget surplus of $305,500,000 and our state’s emergency fund is full. Iowa has been recognized by the Council of State Governments as the state best positioned to weather the economic and fiscal risks that arise from the coronavirus pandemic. The Commonwealth Fund ranked Iowa 4th in the nation for healthcare.

While in the Iowa House, Meyer managed Senate File 2261 to expand access to mental health to students via telehealth while at school, which will improve access throughout Iowa, especially rural areas, while ensuring insurance coverage of those services in the schools.

Meyer worked with Webster County Supervisor Mark Campbell in writing legislation allowing Webster County to leave the Mental Health (MH) region in which it is located. Now Webster County will be able to preserve reserve funds, while joining another existing MH region or forming a new region.

Lastly, Meyer wrote legislation that the governor signed into law addressing substance treatment: removing pre-authorizations for the drugs to treat substance abuse.

It’s not broken; don’t fix it. Vote for Ann Meyer.

Don Woodruff

Fort Dodge


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