Says Meyer is the best candidate

To the editor:

Ann Meyer has been representing House District No. 9 for nearly two years. Since she was elected she has been providing diligent, thoughtful and purposeful leadership for not only our district but the state of Iowa as well.

In the last two years, Ann has advocated for our mental and physical health by sponsoring and supporting a variety of bills that have advanced into law. She cares about Iowa families. On these issues Ann reaches across the aisle and works with members of both parties keeping our interests at heart. She is motivated to do what is best for her constituents, not just her political party.

Meyer is one of the most transparent politicians I have witnessed in my lifetime. She provides updates regularly on social media on issues in the Iowa Legislature. She personally responds to her constituents. She regularly holds open forums with her constituents to keep her pulse on issues that matter to us.

In these trying times, I am grateful to have Ann Meyer, with her 30-plus years as a nurse and health care worker advocating for my family and community as we navigate through this pandemic.

Personally, I trust Ann. She has always displayed a high character in her interactions with others and I know she is a hard worker. This is why I feel Ann Meyer is the best candidate to represent Iowa House District No. 9. She has earned my vote, I feel she has earned yours as well.

Keith Kolacia

Fort Dodge


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