Says Meyer has exceeded expectations

To the editor:

I have not been one that frequently offers my thoughts in the editor’s forum. I did so two years ago. I find myself compelled to write again on the same subject. I would like those that are reading this to consider supporting Ann Meyer for another term in the Iowa State House. My familiarity with Ann and her drive, energy and passion for service prompted me to write in support in 2018. I had hoped that she would approach her work at the capitol with the same dedication, energy and character that she had shown as a nurse, teacher and active community member. Her performance in the last year has exceeded my expectations.

She has consistently, in these partisan times, worked with members of the Democratic party to get the important work of the state done. She introduced legislation to assist Webster County in transitioning mental health and disability services, enabling the country to retain their reserve balances. She cosponsored a bill in the House with a Democratic colleague that passed 100/0. She has been exceptionally visible, approachable and available to the constituency that she has represented so very well. As you enter the ballot box on Nov. 3, please consider sending her back to Des Moines to continue her work on our behalf.

Lincoln R. Wallace, MD

Fort Dodge


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