Police lieutenant endorses Walter for sheriff

To the editor:

This year 2020 has brought several changes to everyone’s life. One aspect that comes to my mind is law enforcement. I’ve been a part of it for over 33 years. This is one of the most memorable in my time and a very important year for our local law enforcement.

We have two candidates for the position of Webster County sheriff. They both have been in law enforcement for a number of years. I personally worked hand-in-hand with both.

My choice for Webster County sheriff hands down is Tony Walter. He is much younger, which we need today in the world. He brought the K-9 unit to the Sheriff’s Department from the ground up. He has led that area with expertise and the willingness to help at any given moment.

Walter has the new generation drive which, in my opinion, will bring the Sheriff’s Department into the 21st century. This new way of thinking for law enforcement is what’s going to drive a department to open and expand their abilities. Walter is open to these new concepts and community policing.

With Walter at the helm I believe he will bring new insights to the Webster County Jail staff, which is in need. This is one of the major concerns as far as the new sheriff is elected. With all the turnover, younger employees, this is where his new age thinking will take the staff of the jail to the next level. It’s going to take a sheriff who knows the needs of the younger generation to make this area of his staffing to the new way of law enforcement. Walter has the patience and knowledge that will bring this part of his staff to one which will be admired as one of the future leaders in jail administration and incarceration.

In regards to training, Walter is looking at all areas of law enforcement not just one specific area. Walter is also looking at ways for our whole county to train and save costs to the taxpayers. With the right people this goals can be accomplished with a Sheriff’s staff well trained and ready to serve the citizens.

With Walter, the Sheriff’s Department can and will move into the future with great professionalism and always promoting great law enforcement. His personality and knowledge brings the new era officer with efficiency and proficient community policing with an open door aspect to the citizens of Webster County. He will add many more years of consistent law enforcement to Webster County. He is much younger than his opponent and has no plans to retire or move after one term. For that reason the department will run for years with one consistent leader who will lead by example and always open to new ideas for training, staffing and working with community leaders to bring a great department to Webster County.

My vote will be for Tony Walter for Sheriff of Webster County on Nov. 3, 2020.

Dennis P. Mernka

Fort Dodge


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