Officers’ wives endorse Fleener

To the editor:

For those unaware, SERT is an acronym for Special Emergency Response Team, equal to what you hear on TV as SWAT. Sergeant and candidate for sheriff Luke Fleener is the commander of our regional SERT team. The names below are wives of current or past SERT members who support Luke’s candidacy for Webster County Sheriff. We have entrusted Luke to keep our husbands safe through his leadership and continued focus on training. Luke’s dedication to training our local law enforcement has been second to none.

When our husbands are called out we know it is dangerous, we know it is serious and we know lives have been lost on these high-risk calls. Our respect and trust belong to the commander who trains and leads our husbands’ team. With Luke as the commander, we are certain our husbands have been trained well and that they know what to do at any given moment. We thank Luke for his dedication to our husbands’ safety and the safety of our communities. As the next sheriff, we are confident that Luke will continue his focus and ensure this outstanding training for all deputies and officers to increase safety for the residents of Webster County.

Vote Luke Fleener for Sheriff.

Cathy Voith

Amy Heesch

Katrina O’Brien

Marissa Gruenburg

Linsey Christie

Cara Burns

Lacee McLaren

Kristine Harris

Jessica Kenyon

Heather Stanley

Jenny Wolfe


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