Make America great again

To the editor:

I was fortunate enough to grow up in a good Christian family and taught the meaning of right and wrong and to respect other people. I tried to instill these values in my children and would be disappointed if my children lied, called others names or threw childish tantrums as I’m sure most parents would be. That’s why I find it hard to understand that if we wouldn’t accept that kind of behavior in our children, why people accept that kind of behavior from our president? Maybe I’m being naive, but I thought what made America great was helping our friends instead of only caring for ourselves. Being the country that the whole world looked up to instead of down upon as we are today. Oh to go back to the time when please and thank you were the norm and people respected others. Children learn from example, unfortunately the example our president is setting is one I hope the children of the future never learn.

Doug Brand

Fort Dodge


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