If you don’t “get” the knee on the ground, you don’t “get” America

To the editor:

America’s newspapers provide the valuable service of information. At the top of many papers they have the First Amendment. That’s right, it was the very first one, so the founding fathers must have thought it was important. When (Colin) Kaepernick took a knee, it wasn’t disrespect for the flag, but the opposite, the show of freedom. The freedom of speech, to petition for a redress of grievances. Isn’t that what the flag stands for? Why do we always jump for the negative? Which killing was he protesting, there are so many? I would rather have a knee on the ground than on the neck of a person. That’s the whole crux, solve a problem or show of force to impede.

America started with a protest, the dumping of tea. Some farmers fought a king to stop oppression. Sounds easy, it wasn’t. It took many years and lives. Have we learned nothing? With this virus, we need to unite to help, not hurt each other. Democracy isn’t easy, it’s messy, but we can correct ourselves.

We can start by voting for people who unite, not divide, in the next election. If you don’t “get” the knee on the ground, you don’t “get” America.

Dave Haynes



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