Former senators speak out

To the editor:

We are writing as former members of the Iowa Senate, Democrat and Republican. Neither of us agree 100 percentof the time, but we have always respected the other’s right

to their opinions, views and thoughts. We both were involved in very competitive races and tried to act as civilly as possible.

It has come to our attention that political yard signs from both presidential and U.S. Senate campaigns are being stolen and damaged this fall, more so than ever.

It is a crime to steal other people’s property and to trespass on someone else’s property. Local authorities have been notified to keep an eye out, particularly at night and weekends when these crimes are being committed. It has gotten to the point some homeowners have placed motion detected cameras in their yards so they can capture the photo(s) of those causing the problem. Those photos will be handed over to the police for their files and use.

Please join us and allow the fall campaign to move forward locally as civilly as possible, and may the best candidates and campaigns win!

Thank you.

Daryl Beall, Former Democratic State Senator

Jim Kersten, Former Republican State Senator


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