Former lawmaker supports Meyer

To the editor:

Representing Webster County for four terms in the Iowa House earlier in my life continues to be one of the great honors of my life. Fort Dodge will always be my hometown and I will always root for the success of this area.

As an Iowan, I want talented people in either party to serve us in Des Moines. Two years ago, I shared my support of Ann Meyer in this newspaper and that is a choice I am proud to have made. Ann is one of the rising stars in that legislative body and has brought a professional, positive spirit to that chamber. She genuinely cares about her work and the people she represents.

I often heard from citizens when I served that they didn’t always agree with me, but appreciated my hard work and honesty. Ann is as honest and hardworking as anyone I have seen in her role. She has unquestionable integrity and already has led successful passage of legislation in her first term. She fights hard for all Iowans.

There is way too much bickering and partisanship in our politics. If there was a chamber full of people Ann Meyers at the Iowa House, that would not be the case in that chamber. She is kind, sincere and thoughtful. We need more people like that in public service.

I ask citizens of all parties to reelect Ann Meyer for a job well done and for the great work I am sure she will continue to do for all Iowans.

Mike Cormack



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