Encourages vote for Fleener

To the editor:

Webster County voters have begun the process of electing a new county sheriff. Given the current state of policing across the country, your selection is more important than ever. For me, this is a job interview. It isn’t just some popularity contest. Law enforcement is under an intense spotlight. This position is important and voters should treat it as such. Having been a peace officer for the Dayton Police Department, Fort Dodge Police Department and Iowa State Patrol for over 30 years, I’d encourage you to join me in voting for Luke Fleener for sheriff.

Being Sheriff is uniquely and significantly different than being a deputy. You are suddenly responsible for dozens of employees, a large county jail, an often unseen civil division and you are asked to manage millions of dollars in taxpayer funds. With such scrutiny as is present today, that leader must be able to engage immediately. You must work cooperatively with all sorts of other emergency services agencies, various communities and citizens from all walks of life. When I fairly look at his resume to do this job, the clear choice for me for Webster County sheriff is Luke Fleener. We served together for his entire six years as a board member of a $200+ million local credit union.

For many years, he sat on, and was chairperson for, the Dayton Rodeo Committee. Fleener has been engaged throughout Webster County in bringing schools, businesses and law enforcement together in structuring emergency response plans. He is a national subject-matter expert in the field. He has led a successful tactical team, comprised of officers from several different agencies, that has demonstrated the value of cooperative law enforcement. He has managed intricate criminal investigations from start to finish. I suspect few know Luke Fleener better. His training preaches preparation. He has done the hard work in readying himself to be the best possible sheriff. He has a unique ability to bring people together. It is now our job to hire him for this job. Fleener brings years of experience and success to these critical skills. He is tested. He is ready. He is well-respected. He is knowledgeable. He is ready to lead on his very first day. He will have what all successful leaders require…many followers who have great faith in his ability, decision-making and vision. For these reasons, and many more, I’d encourage you to vote Luke Fleener for Webster County sheriff.

Kelly Hindman

Fort Dodge


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