Doesn’t want Harris in charge

To the editor:

Bernie Sanders says Joe Biden will be the most progressive president ever. Biden’s presidency will be driven by progressive policies of the Democratic Party — policies that Biden’s running mate, Kamala Harris, readily and enthusiastically endorsed. Harris spoke of her relationship with Biden as a “Harris administration together with Joe Biden as president…”. If elected, Biden may be relegated very early to the basement of the White House to make way for the “Harris administration”. Harris, known currently as the most liberal senator in Washington, will be in charge. Harris, who dropped out of the presidential race in December 2019 before primary voting even began. Harris, a Democrat who couldn’t even find enough support from other Democrats.

The radical ultra-liberal left-wing of the Democratic Party, led by Harris, will be in control, influenced by Sanders in the Senate and his Medicare For All at a cost of perhaps $32 trillion, and by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in the House promoting her Green New Deal, eliminating cows that fart and the fossil fuels industry at a cost as high as $93 trillion. And don’t forget to add in the cost of free college, free day care, free preschool, free health care for illegal immigrants, and the cost to forgive all student loans. If a Democrat promises to make something “affordable” they mean affordable with your money, with you paying the bill.

By some estimates, taxes will have to increase $3.5 trillion a year. Annual federal revenue, currently about $4 trillion, will have to double. Biden says he will eliminate the Trump tax cut that reduced taxes for thousands of Iowans. The additional $1,000 per child received as a tax credit will end for many Iowans. Maybe for you. Biden will have to reverse the Trump reduction in business taxes. He will reimpose business-crippling regulations, much like he did when part of the Obama administration. Higher business taxes coupled with regulations are sure to destroy businesses’ efforts to create new jobs and will drive unemployment numbers up.

Just like in 2012 and 2016 Democrats are again saying Republicans will get rid of Medicare and Social Security and, I suppose, throw granny off the cliff. I have not heard Trump say he will get rid of your Medicare, end your Social Security or end coverage for pre-existing conditions. I have not heard Trump say he will reduce the care veterans get.

When the pandemic ends, the American people will need a President with a proven record of reducing unemployment and creating jobs and creating a strong economy to pre-pandemic numbers. Who better to meet those needs than a President who has already done it? Promises made. Promises kept. You know what you will get with President Trump. You know Trump’s record of accomplishments in his first term until China unleashed a deadly virus on the United States and the world. What success has Biden (or Harris) had doing any of the above?

To Democrats, to Independents, to wandering Republicans, don’t make a mistake you cannot correct for four years. Save our country from the radical ultra-liberal left-wing of the Democratic Party. Save our country from President-in-waiting Kamala Harris. Vote Republican up and down the ticket.

Chuck Peterson

Fort Dodge


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