Doesn’t like outside support for Clayton

To the editor:

Charles Clayton is selling out the voters of Webster County and House District 9. Over 96% of his contributions have come from outside District 9. And when I say outside, I mean way outside of District 9, with the majority of those donations coming from the two coasts. Let that sink in for a moment: over 96% of funding for his campaign has come from people who neither know Charles, or for that matter, could tell anyone where Fort Dodge is.

What is Charles doing with those funds? He is spending it on attack ads and flat out lies against a wife, mother, nurse and fine leader in our community, state Rep. Ann Meyer. This is not the type of action befitting the great people here in House District 9. Meanwhile, Meyer has pledged to run a clean, positive forward-thinking campaign based on the issues important to those of us here in House District 9 because we are important and matter to her.

James Kesterson

Fort Dodge


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