Says Biden’s caregiver proposal is strong

To the editor:

I am fortunate to be part of the Biden-Harris Helping Community Advisory Committee and am encouraging voters to read his important plan to establish sustainable support for the people working with our children and families. I have family members who are front line workers and applaud their work. They, and all others working with children and families, need assurance of a living wage and protective gear and environments to be safe from COVID-19 infection.

Whether it is early childhood staff, teachers, caretakers for the elderly and special needs people, all do a yeoman’s work for families in our communities.

It is not always true that good proposals make for good policy, but the caregiver and educator workforce plan put forward by Joe Biden (https://joebiden.com/caregiving/) is just that. It is something that can help bring the country together. It is a smart, compassionate, and pragmatic plan to strengthen the caregiving workforce to meet our needs in the 21st century. Whatever one’s political party or philosophy, I urge you to review this plan and consider it as you vote in November.

Janet Adams

Webster City


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