Republicans, have you had enough?

To the editor:

I grew up in northwest Iowa in the heart of Republican country. It might have been easier to find an albino deer than a Democrat. It seemed that the Republicans that I knew would liken voting Democratic to changing their religious affiliation.

Did you really expect to get this version when you voted for Donald Trump?

He has literally told thousands of lies in his time in office and surrounds himself with the likes of Michael Flynn, Roger Stone and Michael Cohen, all convicted felons. Surely you expect better than this.

The terrible pandemic of COVID-19 was completely ignored by the president, saying that it was a hoax promoted by Democrats. When he finally got on board, one of his solutions for treatment was to inject household disinfectant.

Vladimir Putin has offered the Taliban a bounty for each American soldier that was killed. What did the president do? Nothing.

Lastly, there are still more than 5,400 children of immigrants locked in cages aware from their parents at our southern border.

This fall, why not vote for Democrats, perhaps for the first time. You won’t even have to change religion. Your country will thank you.

Larry Mitchell

Fort Dodge


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