Questions Biden’s service

To the editor:

I agree 100% with Dave Hearn about the importance of this election. However, I have read his story several times looking for something, actually anything, that Joe Biden may have accomplished in his 50 years of service that would be a reason to vote for him. There were none given, not one. It’s all about hating Trump. As a senator, Joe Biden was in charge of the crucifixion of Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork which set the tone for every Republican nominee since.

Evidently, bullying seems to be OK with Democrats in the confirmation process. This is certainly not an area where Democrats can claim the moral high ground. The Bork confirmation process was definitely not a unifying event for which Dave is so longing. Frankly, a Democrat proclaiming the moral high ground on presidential conduct is laughable.

Quoting Dave, “Joe’s fifty years of service and sacrifice?” A. Hamilton, the real one not the Mystical, Magical Musical Hamilton, had to return to private law practice in order to support his family. Government service was a sacrifice in those days. It’s a far cry from Joe Biden amassing an estimated $10 million fortune in the service of his country. The death of Senator Biden’s first wife and daughter was a terrible tragedy, but not a sacrifice on his part.

Tom Dorsey

Fort Dodge


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