Grateful for St. Edmond football family

To the editor:

Recently an exposure to a positive COVID-19 case in school put in place a 14-day quarantine. That means in our house the JV football season ended after just two games. And yet we are thankful that our daughter was blessed to be part of a truly amazing team, even for such a short season. Just a few weeks ago our daughter ran out on the Varsity football field for the very first time and kicked an extra point as St. Edmond won its first game of the season. Thank you to everyone who has shared in this time with Alex. Especially thank you to an incredible group of guys and coaches who work very hard. One play drew a lot of attention, but that one play would never have happened without weeks of hard work, preparation and four quarters of effectively moving the ball by the team.

An extra point doesn’t happen without a touchdown, a JV player doesn’t go out on the field without the varsity players working hard and playing well, and a girl doesn’t score a PAT in a varsity football game without a truly extraordinarily supportive team. Every success on the football field is the result of the team working well together. This team is made up of dedicated, talented and amazing young men and coaches. Alex is very lucky to be part the SE football family.

Jay and Chris Tiernan

Fort Dodge


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