Consider if Biden is really the president you want

To the editor:

Many believe that Joe Biden is the one to save us from the virus. I don’t know about you, but I don’t care to wait until Jan. 20, over four months from now, to find out. Besides, there could be a safe vaccine and therapeutic medicine available before then.

Kamala Harris said the virus didn’t have to be this bad. She is right. Hospitals in the state of New York were required to send COVID-19 patients back to their nursing homes where thousands died. Sure, early on Trump could have been less optimistic about the severity of the virus, but don’t say he is totally responsible. Governors have regularly made decisions that affected the number of deaths in their states.

If you become a one-issue voter (i.e. about Trump’s handling of the virus) you may regret your vote in November for the Biden/Harris ticket, especially if that one issue (virus) is under control. Consider what you will get in a Biden/Harris administration and then decide if that is the America you want.

Today, thugs in restaurants and out on the streets are threatening and intimidating people and demanding they apologize for being white. A new tactic of the mob is to invade quiet neighborhoods at night and play loud music, shine bright lights in windows, and demand the white residents leave their homes – for good. People are afraid. Police in too many Democrat-run cities have been under orders to stand down, leaving the innocent at the mercy of the mob. The harassment will continue as long as there are “targets”.

Black communities, especially in Minneapolis and now in Kenosha, of course have grievances to be addressed, but peacefully and not by violence. Police departments need training and better equipment and well-defined rules of engagement. But defunding is not the way to get it done. Biden may not use the word defund but when asked in an interview if he would agree that we can redirect some of the funding he responded “Yes, absolutely”. Redirect by any definition would mean moving funding away from a department at a time when an actual increase is needed.

Late-term abortion will become the norm. You will be labeled evil and racist if you are white. You will be accused of all the “sins” of your forefathers, sins you probably never heard of. Your second amendment rights will be eroded, if not completelytaken away. The radical left will demand the Green New Deal, government-run health care, abolishing the Electoral College (you in Iowa will have no need then to vote for President – the east and west coasts will decide), and will increase their opposition to conservative speech. Criminals will be released back on the streets about as fast as they can be processed, there will be more sanctuary cities, and totally open borders (come one, come all) where millions will make their way to America for free health care that you will pay for.

Just a week ago, after three months (while Portland burned for over 90 days), Biden finallycondemned the violence. And now after three months of chaos and destruction and increased crime in Democrat-run cities, Trump is to blame. Huh?

Chuck Peterson

Fort Dodge


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