Biden will lift us up

To the editor:

In four years we have seen our nation fracture along imaginary lines drawn by an administration determined to keep us at each other’s throats when we should be pulling together to fight common enemies like a very deadly virus, poverty, racial injustice, and unequal health care access. Joe Biden is just the person to unite us to overcome these challenges. As president he will fight for all of us rather than working to keep us fighting each other.

We have lost 190,000 loved ones to COVID-19 in six months and we are headed toward 300,000 lost lives. Joe Biden will lead us to come together to fight the biggest public health challenge the world has faced in the past 100 years. The Trump administration has tried to divide us along political lines feeding us untruths like “the virus will just go away,” “it’s no worse than the flu,” and “it’s a hoax.” Biden will attack the virus with a united front and get our lives back to normal safely and soon. He will encourage us to follow our health care experts to keep each other safe. He won’t encourage us to attend crowded indoor events that put us at risk of serious illness or worse.

As our nation grapples with the health care challenge of the century the Trump administration is trying to end the Affordable Care Act/Obama Care. In contrast a Biden administration would improve the Affordable Care Act working to keep it affordable by adding a public option and lowering Medicare eligibility to age 60.

It’s time for a new president with a positive message to bring us together. Joe Biden is just the person to lift us to higher ground.

David Linder



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