Thanks county for new solar measure

To the Editor:

I want to thank the Webster County Board of Supervisors for their hard work to pass a solar ordinance that makes it possible for developers to pursue large-scale renewable projects in the county. The developments enabled by this ordinance will bring an economic boost to the area and allow landowners to reduce burdensome energy costs during this unprecedented time when each and every dollar counts.

Solar energy is a reliable source of electricity – it requires no fuel and is able to withstand severe weather while still supplying energy in the most dire of circumstances. Solar energy also provides a safe and steadily increasing return on investment and lowers electricity costs for all. Our schools, roads, and many other vital public programs stand to benefit from the tax revenue provided by new solar developments, and property owners will have greater control of their energy future.

The passage of this ordinance lets developers know we are open for economic opportunities and demonstrates that property rights matter to our local government. Webster County families and businesses will no doubt benefit tremendously from the effects of this ordinance.

Thank you, Webster County Supervisors, for coming together to provide opportunity and relief for your citizens when we need it most.

State Sen. Tim Kraayenbrink

Fort Dodge


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