Suggests simple COVID test

To the editor:

At last the word is out and so are the stores who were selling that small instrument to take your temperature that will be considered to be a fever. Anything over 100.4 should contact the doctor to see if they need more testing for the COVID-19. So when anybody is going to leave their residence and will have contact with other people, that person shoud take this test which only takes about 10 seconds that could save their life or somebody else. There is no other way because these testing sites are very few compared to our population in Iowa plus other states. You have seen on TV, the line up of vehicles blocks long. It’s impossible to check everyone every day and sometimes the whole family gets the virus and some members will die. There are only about 1/10th (Editor’s note: about 13% of Iowans have been tested, according to the state’s coronavirus website) have been tested in Iowa so far. So now there is only one way to stop the spread and it is not wearing the face mask. I have seen many people put on the mask just as they enter the store and they could already have the virus.

Here is the way to do it. Make sure every family or person will invest “about the average cost $10, and buy a tester that they can use over and over again for a great length of time. Now if this is printed in The Messenger area, the question is where do you buy one? I hope the stores that will them will come forth and the let the public know. It might bring new customers. The word got out in Humboldt a few days ago and they sold out in less than a day. Now there will be a demand almost like the toilet paper. I’ll let the governor know of my idea and send her a copy of this letter.

Merlin Fort

Dakota City


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