Thanks Wellness Project for silent auction

To the editor:

I would like to thank Colleen (Peace) and Jordan (Mott) from The Wellness Project for putting together a fantastic silent auction. That was really great of both of you to help us out, and fill in the hole that we wouldn’t have had otherwise. That’s awesome that you guys decided to pick us for one of your silent auctions, and you guys did a magnificent job of promoting and executing. You guys should be proud of yourselves for the example you’re setting for everyone in the community. We’re in awe of what you guys actually fundraised. I promise it’ll go to good use in our foundation.

I would also like to thank everyone who donated items to the silent auction. Without you, this silent auction isn’t executed. It’s really nice to see the community of Fort Dodge come together to support our cause. I believe in this community as much as some of the people as I continue to try to find ways to improve the lives of the unfortunate children who are suffering from rare diseases in the area.

I would also lastly like to thank everyone who took the time to donate, and believe in our cause. You guys are the blood of this foundation. Without you, there’s no Gene Giraffe Project.

When I started this project out, I didn’t really know how it would work out, and if it would work out at all. My goals were smaller when I started out. Help people like we got helped when Ava/Jackson were here. Try to be a life-line for kids with rare diseases so they’re not alone like we felt at the time when Ava was here.

From there, we’ve ballooned out to sending care packages all over the US to putting together scholarships for kids with unusual life experiences to injecting thousands of dollars into improving/filling in holes at Pediatric Rehab (Highland Park) and the hospital here in Fort Dodge. I thank you all because I couldn’t do without you.

Lastly, we have a golf tournament hopefully on Aug. 15 at Lakeside Golf Course to help provide scholarships to kids who are special needs/had an unusual life experiences under the Ava Passow Memorial Scholarship. We jumped from two scholarships last year to four this year. I actually hope we can continue to increase that every year. We also have some plans in store for another one involving Jackson, but that will be discussed at a later time. Come out, and support us. You can find information on it on Facebook (@Gene Giraffe Project) through our events.

Doug Passow

President/owner, Gene Giraffe Project



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