We have more similarities than differences

To the editor:

Our country and world are in deep grief. First the coronavirus which drastically changed our daily life without warning. Stay at home orders. Even advised to not see family in person. Essential workers having the stress of being in the public even knowing it may not be safe. Newly appreciated heros.

After several months of being kept away from family, friends and employment, another tragedy happened that took over airways. A Black American is killed while in police custody, seen over and over every newscast for days and days.

When in the grip of grief, it is advised to make no decisions. Wait until the brain decompresses, when it is possible to fully weigh the consequences of decisions. Difficult when all you want is the pain to cease.

For some reason our society has started to group people, never wise to do. Martin Luther King’s desire was for his children to not be judged by the color of their skin but by their character. That should be how all people are looked at. Not by the color of their skin or the uniforms they wear.

Each person has a story. We should learn their story. . Let us strive for peace and justice for ALL.

Sharon Hickey

Fort Dodge


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