Wants more integrity

To the editor:

Integrity: The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.

I was appalled when I first read about the TikTok tactic used to reserve seats, knowingly not intending to use them, for the Tulsa, Oklahoma, campaign rally. When I read on the front page of The Messenger on Tuesday, June 23 that the video originated by a Fort Dodge educator, I felt ashamed.

The typical age range TikTok was designed for is 13-18 years old. Is an educator displaying integrity by making a video to encourage teens to request a ticket and not show up for a rally? Surely there are better positive ways to protest.

On the same front page of The Messenger was an article explaining the resignation of school board member, Matt Wagner. Matt was utilizing the First Amendment in his tweet.

Yet, he exhibited humility and integrity in the decision he made.

Sandy Behrendsen

Gilmore City


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