Vows to maintain a police department with dignity

To the editor:

During this somber time, we as a whole have turned our eyes toward the events currently unfolding in Minneapolis. I have seen the same appalling photos and video footage you have, and I was deeply saddened to learn that on Monday, May 25th, 2020, George Floyd died while in police custody. When something like this happens anywhere, it demands a response by all of law enforcement to call out and refute those who do not represent our values and what we stand for. Whenever one officer violates the public trust, we all collectively carry the bruises of their actions, and we all walk with that tarnish to our reputation. The Fort Dodge Police Department wholeheartedly condemns the actions of those few officers in Minneapolis.

When I was granted the privilege of being named chief three years ago, I vowed to do my best to maintain a department that uplifts our community and serves every citizen with the same dignity, respect, and equality that we are all entitled to. I am extremely fortunate to have a team of officers and civilian staff who strive for this same goal and I believe we are staying true to that vow. This department has, and will continue in its mission, to always self-reflect, grow, and raise the bar of performance so that our community and its citizens consistently receive the service that it deserves.

Roger Porter

Fort Dodge police chief


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