Thanks those who helped veteran

To the editor:

I just want to thank all involved in assisting a young Afghanistan veteran whose motorcycle broke down on Webster County Road P59 a few days ago. The young man from Michigan was in dire straits as he had lost his phone and credit card while in Fort Dodge.

David McGaughy came upon the scene and in talking to Justin discovered that he was veteran. Dave also realized that Justin wasn’t going to be able to fix his bike himself especially before the expected inclement weather reached Fort Dodge. Dave then called Al Rodenborn at Racing Unlimited who sent a trailer to pick up the disabled motorcyclist.

Al also made sure Justin got a ride to a local motel so he wouldn’t have to walk in the pouring rain from Racing Unlimited. The next day Racing Unlimited’s service department was able to fix the clutch problem for a very reasonable rate.

A special hearty thanks to Al Rodenborn and his shop for going above and beyond to assist this young veteran. Justin decided to return to Michigan and regroup before continuing with his trip. The Webster County Veterans Affairs office was able to offer some assistance for the cost of the repairs and a portion was donated by David McGaughy. Well done Fort Dodge.

Tom Dorsey

Fort Dodge


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