Encourages use of masks

To the editor:

As more testing exposes more virus, we are more aware that the virus is out and about. Governor Reynolds is treating us like responsible humans to let us choose to make good decisions pertaining to our personal risk and the risk of others whom we are in regular contact. However, I fear that there is an unhelpful divide coming up whether or not we should choose to wear masks.

Some are saying, “mask of fear,” but I choose to wear a “mask of confidence.” I am choosing to avoid patronizing places where people congregate in large crowds while they ignore reasonable recommendations such as box stores with a full and crowded parking lots. It is of low risk to me, but I don’t want to unknowingly carry it to somebody for whom it presents a higher risk of adverse effect.

I want the economy to stay open, which is why I will continue to wear a mask and worship remotely. Other people do not feel the same way as I do, but that is their prerogative be it the protesters calling for change or the conservatives who are against the nanny state. They choose to take actions and those actions will have natural consequences. I am wearing a mask and while doing and saying what I am convicted to act and speak consistent with preserving life and affecting positive reform.

We should be more mindful of our neighbors and more willing to listen to the heart of their feelings rather than assuming the worst. Especially from an Evangelical Christian standpoint, the world needs more grace as everyone can agree that things are not perfect. If we could surprise our neighbors with kindness, realistically, the world won’t be made perfect, but it will become a little closer. Therefore, I wish more people would choose to wear the mask of confidence and choose to view other people with the benefit of the doubt. We all should consider how to more often be the best version of ourselves.

Jacob Trunnell

Fort Dodge


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