Adults need to be careful online, too

To the editor:

Somehow I felt compelled to jot down and send out my views on the recent developments of politics being involved in our education. First we had a school board member tweet some political views, then we had an employee of the school district do a TikTok video that went viral. Twenty-five years ago neither one of these things would have even come out with no social media available. However, I think a lot of people believe that politics shouldn’t even be involved in our education system which is now entwined with politics.

Politics and people’s thoughts about it screw up education, i.e. history, indoctrinating I believe, but if teachers were left to teach without the outside influences of so many people tugging on coat strings, the politics, the money, I think our school systems would be much better. Just a thought. It doesn’t matter what political party you are associated with or what your views are I just believe education is education and not a “political education,” set up with most of our students looking online now. Adults have to be careful what they do online just as adolescents and students. It stays with you forever.

Fred Moeller

Fort Dodge


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