Asks for compassion

To the editor:

As I go about my day, I hear and see a lot of impatience, non-compassion, hate, and violence occurring in America. God is not any of those, and one must ask, what happened that America lost their patience, compassion, love and kindness. Let’s start with America lost track of God, whom provided our basic morals and ethics in society.

At Walmart, I see people who do not care about the person in front of or behind them as long as they can get their item and push their way to the front of the line;

At Target, I see someone who gets angry and loses patience because the self-checkouts are full and there is only one regular checker;

At Hy-Vee, I see a person who throws his groceries on the belt because he was mad that he had to wait for the checker to clean the belt first;

At all places of business, I see an elderly person who drops something and cannot bend over to pick it up while people just watch and do not bother to try to help.

In all the above cases, how about just asking yourself what would Jesus do if he were in your shoes?

We are in very trying times right now, and the media and politics plays a key role in affecting the behavior of each and everyone of us. We, as individuals, have to be the bigger person. We, as individuals, have to ask ourselves what we can do to help our fellow American, our neighbor, our friends, and even our President, whether you like him or not. We must put the evil attitudes aside, and Americans must start working together or forever lose this great nation to impatience, non-compassion, hate and violence.

Let’s all rethink our individual attitudes, and remember – it takes a village, not just one person to accomplish something great.

At Ja-Mar’s drive thru, I approached the window to pay only to be told the person in front put $5 towards my meal — they were paying it forward; Guess what I did? I paid it forward to the person behind me plus gave the girls waiting on me a few bucks. As I drove off, the person behind me waved to say thank you. I’m sure they also paid it forward and get the gesture going. God Bless America!

June Dimmock

Fort Dodge


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