Amazed by unnecessary spending

To the editor:

I am amazed, not shocked have you, but amazed that Nancy Pelosi would blatantly raid the aid bill to satisfy her own agenda. Her insistence that the bill provide $25 million to the Kennedy Center is ridiculous. This clause has nothing to do with saving lives or saving the economy. It seems to me that this would be the same as if I wanted to donate a couple thousand to the Blanden and then insisted that the city put it in their budget. Pelosi already wasted untold millions on her failed impeachment hoax so just add another $25 million to that.

Of course I know that the coronavirus is a horrible thing and the death numbers we see are real people, but when it took Joe Diffie it really hit me. I felt like I knew him through his music and from seeing him in concert. He was a great entertainer and his loss is my loss and our loss.

Gregg Kreamer

Fort Dodge


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