We’ve seen tough times before

To the editor:

How many times recently have you heard, or said, “these are crazy, tough times?” It reminds me of Dad saying, “Tough times?! You should have been here in the ’30s.” And Mom saying, “Tough times were during the war when I didn’t know for months where your Dad was or even if he was alive.”

This is not to diminish the present, but to remind us that our grandparents, our parents and our nation have faced tough times. They not only survived, but came through as a stronger nation, committed to learning from their shared experiences. I have no doubt the same will hold true going forward.

Nevertheless, these are crazy, tough times. It is difficult to remain positive when your business closes or your job goes away or your retirement savings dwindle as the stock market dives. Indeed, COVID-19 is our war.

We have been given our marching orders from health care experts. We’re washing our hands. We’re avoiding large gatherings. We’re social distancing.

But in addition to taking all the steps to follow these safety guidelines, there is something else we can do. The economic uncertainty caused by this virus may cause us to cut back on donations to those organizations that need them more than ever. COVID-19 is putting financial pressure on all nonprofits, especially those responding directly to helping the most vulnerable populations. Organizations like the Food Pantry, Meals on Wheels, Beacon of Hope, the Salvation Army, etc. The nonprofits are having to cancel their usual programs and fundraising events out of concern for public safety. Most of them have limited financial reserves to carry them through the lean times.

If you are in a financial position to do so, consider making a donation directly to local nonprofits that are helping the community cope with COVID-19.

Additionally, donations to the Trinity Foundation will help and are helping to fund the purchase of equipment and protective gear for doctors, nurses and technicians on the front lines. In the days and weeks ahead, the Trinity Foundation will be called upon to do even more and your donations will help it.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we need to continue, uninterrupted, the financial support of our churches. Although many local churches have closed, their operating expenses continue. Our churches are on the front lines, as well. They are providing care for people’s spiritual and emotional needs, reminding us that in this war on COVID-19, God is with us and our prayers ground us in God’s peace.

Deb Zemke



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