The issue of the tissue

To the editor:

I think it is time to inject some humor into the letter to the editor to give some relief to people who are so stressed oiut wondering if they are going to have enough toilet paper during this ordeal. Mr. Trump and I will guarantee there will be enough to take care of your needs. Last two weeks it was all about vaping and where to buy the products and they might have to go out to get a real job while their business may go up in smoke. So will a lot of small owners. All so now people will have to worry about something else, the virus COVID-19 and wonder who will be the next victim. Up to now the biggest worry was the issue of the tissue. After the demand is over and they have enough they can wallpaper a few rooms. Maybe Trump could help out more by getting rid of some federal officials and flush them down the toilet, both political parties.

There are two kinds of people from the Fort Dodge area that has been to Humboldt and Algona looking for toilet paper. They were the greedy and the needy. It’s almost like an Easter Egg hunt without the kids or a witch hunt to find a few rolls. I hope the time will soon go by and every time you get to the end of the roll on the spindle, you will laugh about the story of the toilet paper. In the end of this conclusion, a Chinese philosopher once said he laughs first, will laugh last, and so will you who reads this.

From the brightest man on the hill for 40 nights.

P.S. By the way, toilet paper was first recognized in 1718 in sheets. 1857 it was put into rolls and packaged.

Merlin Fort

Dakota City


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