Says Iowa needs ranked choice voting

To the editor:

Last week we have seen an unprecedented delay in the results of our Iowa Caucus. Our broken election process is so convoluted we still don’t have a definitive winner. We need a change and Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) is the answer.

The spoiler effect prevents people from voting for niche or third party candidates. RCV allows voters to vote for who they want to see in office by ranking their choices in order of preference–a drastic improvement to caucusing.

What does it say about our voting process when our country is so polarized? RCV will unite this country around candidates and issues Iowans will support. Politics are hard. Voting shouldn’t be. RCV will lead to truth and our ability to find it. We need an accurate, quicker, and inclusive voting process which eliminates the concept of the lesser of two evils. Iowa needs to evolve with the times.

Ranked choice voting is a viable solution. The people’s demand for election reform is sweeping across the nation. In 2018, six states passed ranked choice voting. Florida, Indiana, Maryland, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Maine. More recently, five million people in New York City are now using this new system. Our Caucus kicks off the presidential election, and we have an obligation to lead the charge. We all have a responsibility. Demand more for our politics.

Go to volunteer.represent.us/slack and join the RepresentUs Action Brigade to fight for ranked choice voting in Iowa.

Rodney Niemier

Fort Dodge


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